About Mai & Morgan

We are Mom and daughter, besties and life-long crafting buddies.  We have always loved creating beautiful projects together.  Many of our creations (and some happy experiments) were made as gifts for family and friends.  We tried to make them thoughtful, unique and most of all, fun! The goal was always a smile or a giggle.

After receiving much support and encouragement - “O.M.G you guys should totally sell this stuff!” – we decided to take the leap and started our small business together. In the fall of 2020, when Kaeli Morgan was 16 and Mom (Justine Mai) was, ahem, even younger than she is now 😊, we founded Mai Morgan Designs.

We started out with wood signs, which are handcrafted from start to finish. With our own (four) hands, we cut the wood; we sand, paint and stain; we carefully hand paint each letter using stencils; and we build all the pieces together ourselves. The result is art to complement any décor, with meaningful words that we hope will take you back to that one special moment, remind you of an old favorite song, make you think of the sweetest person you know, or give you all the right feels that words have the power to do.

Soon after we launched our business, we began to offer customized mugs. We just couldn’t resist. It’s our favorite thing to come up with witty, smart-assy sayings and well, those words don’t always belong on a wall. But MUGS! To hold coffee, tea, daytime wine or vintage items like pens and pencils, everyone loves mugs. And we could put whatever we wanted on them, fun 4-letter words and all. So, we started creating designs and printing them onto the mugs ourselves using a process called sublimation. They immediately became a hit as a way to express our feelings (really!) and of course, the perfect gift for all the cool people in our lives who just plain get it. Our best-selling design has “hello” printed on one side, and “fuck off” on the other. You know, because sometimes we don’t feel like saying “hello”, and we just want to flip’em the mug instead.

As we continue to learn and try to grow our business, we are grateful to everyone who has supported and cheered us on so far. We thank you for visiting our site and reading this blurb about us. Can’t wait to share many more stories and creations with you <3